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Does Gusto Support Remote Companies?

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Gusto is a great, easy way to run payroll for your business. I used them for years to manage payroll.

They make it just a few clicks to process a complex payroll with a mixture of salaried, hourly, and contractor workers. The cool thing about Gusto is that you can literally enable automatic payroll to be run via your settings once you are comfortable with it.

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  1. Gusto And Remote Companies

    Gusto really makes it easy to work with remote companies. They allow you to setup onboarding sequences that employees have to fill out their first day.

    You are legally required to complete I-9 paperwork for most employees. If you didn't have a solution like Gusto, someone at your company would have to email the new employee the form and walk them through filling it out.

    All of your documents wouldn't get stored in one location. I bet most of the time people would struggle to locate all the paperwork individuals completed.

    The thing with Gusto is they automatically take care of all the federal and state level paperwork via digital signing. They then store it all in one place.

    You can also upload custom paperwork like employee handbooks, NDA's and more. These all get digitally signed and stored in the same location.

    The employee can always login to see their paperwork, and HR can easily find it.

    This feature alone makes it a must for any small startup looking to get through a few rounds of funding without an HR department. 

  2. Multiple State Payroll Support

    The other thing that makes Gusto a must for remote companies is that they support multi-state payrolls with ease.

    Many more expensive payroll providers support this feature, but Gusto comes built-in with it at the basic price.

    Your employees will be on-boarded with their correct paperwork. And Gusto will try their best to help you properly register your company with the right agencies in each state for unemployeement payments etc.

    Gusto supports some states better than others, but generally speaking they are pretty solid at getting you onboarded.

  3. Cheap To Scale

    Finally, Gusto is pretty cheap to scale. When you are looking at several payroll solutions, you'll notice their pricing is very different. Gusto keeps it pretty cheap to use and we never had an issue with how much we were paying them as a remote company.

Tyler Zey is a serial entrepreneur who has experimented with a lot of business software.