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Is Gusto Safe? A review from a long-time customer

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When it comes to HR software, you not only need one that works but one that keeps you safe.

Gusto is a great solution that provides payroll and HR management for companies. We used them to manage the payroll at our startup for pretty much the entire time we were running payroll. (We sold the company in 2018). 

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  1. Onboarding & Initial Paperword

    One of the first places you can get caught up in HR or legal troubles is not having the proper local paperwork filled out.

    This is especially an issue if you have employees in multiple states or are a remote company. The company I started had employees in 8 different states while I owned it.

    Gusto kept us safe by helping us fill out all the needed tax forms and unemployment agency forms.

    This can be quite a hassle to manage as a smaller business. Barely any of these agencies had consistent online websites or forms. Gusto made it easy to manage and remind you of everything you needed.

  2. Employee onboarding

    The next place Gusto really keeps you safe as a business owner is when it comes to employee onboarding.

    There's nothing worse than discovering not everyone at your company has signed the NDA or being unable to locate every employee signed company handbook.

    Gusto keeps you safe in this situation by letting you upload custom employee onboarding documents.

    These documents are to be filled out by every employee before they have their first payroll run.

    It also automatically manages all I-9 information for your employees.

  3. Taxes and Long-term paperword

    One of the nice features of Gusto is that employees have their W-2's calculated automatically without you doing anything yearly. This keeps you safe from a tax standpoint.

    You also will never have to worry about giving an employee their old tax forms. Current and former employees can just login to their Gusto account and download any old paystub or tax form going back years.

    This little feature both keeps you safe and saves you tons of time.

Tyler Zey is a serial entrepreneur who has experimented with a lot of business software.